Who we are

Our Purpose

Rochester Alumnae Panhellenic’s main objective is to support the collegiate Panhellenic groups in the Rochester area.  Many of our members are advisors to local chapters.  We also raise funds through our Support our Scholars Fall Fundraiser event, and our annual Spring flower sale in order to provide scholarships for young women who exemplify the Panhellenic spirit on their campus.  These scholarships are awarded every Spring at our annual Spring Luncheon.

2024-2025 Officers: Renee Lanthier, Kappa Delta – Treasurer, Jennifer Devore, Sigma Kappa – Vice President, Sally Kittredge and Dawn Gehrke, Delta Gamma – Co-Presidents, Tammy Teegarden, Sigma Kappa – Secretary, and Sara Cronin, Phi Beta Phi – Mentor


The object of the Rochester Alumnae Panhellenic shall be to develop and maintain sorority life and inter-fraternal relations at a high level of accomplishment and in so doing to:
1. To promote interfraternity friendship and collaboration
2. To publicize the high ideals, purposes, and accomplishments of the fraternity system

3. To stimulate interest and participation of alumnae members of NPC fraternities

4. To advance interest in community service and philanthropic efforts

5. To provide qualified students with financial assistance through scholarships

6. To cooperate with the colleges, universities and College Panhellenics in the study and solution of problems of common interests
7. To collect and disseminate authentic information related to NPC fraternity chapters and Collegiate Panhellenics on Rochester-area college campuses

2018-2019 RAP Board

Policies and Procedures

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month, Sept. through June except December and February for a minimum of at least 6 meetings and are held both in-person and virtual. Social time is from 7:00PM – 7:15 PM with  the business meeting beginning promptly at 7:15 PM. Dinner meetings begin at 6:30PM.  Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised will be observed. 

Delegates shall attend all RAP meetings either in person or a virtual zoom call. If the delegate cannot attend, her alternate or  another member of her sorority is required to attend. Individual members are encouraged to  attend all meetings. 

In the event of in-person meetings, each delegate shall serve as a hostess or co-hostess, as needed. The hostess provides her house and beverages. The co-hostess(es) furnishes the refreshments.  

Panhellenic dues of $5.00 per each dues paying member per fraternity are due on Feb. 1.

The Chair of each committee shall keep a file and submit an electronic report to the President  no later than 60 days after the event. 

Questions? Email Us: info@rapanhellenic
Interested in donating? https://donateRAP.givesmart.com